About Us

This Website was originally created on July 29, 2005 and made possible through a generous donation provided by the Sonora Sunrise Rotary Club.

What is the Highway 108 FireSafe Council?

The Highway 108 FireSafe Council, Inc., located in Tuolumne County and operated entirely by volunteers, is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization incorporated on December 24, 2002 and composed of individuals, public and private businesses, and governmental agencies that share a common vested interest in preventing and reducing loss from wildfires.

Tax deducible donations can be made to the Highway 108 FireSafe Council to further fire safety in Tuolumne County. (EIN # 74-3072909)

The Highway 108 Fire Safe Council is a member of the California State FireSafe Council.

Mission of the Highway 108 FireSafe Council.

To educate the public so as to significantly increase public awareness about fire risk and ways that property owners can reduce that risk.

To develop creative ways to make compliance with firesafe regulations easier and more effective for property owners.

To reduce this risk through fire prevention, fire safety, fuel reductions, and community preparedness.

To build community support for gaining additional funding, programs, and equipment in order to meet suppression and prevention needs in Tuolumne county.

Why does Tuolumne County need a FireSafe Council?

All of the communities in Tuolumne County are in danger of wildland fires. Terrain, vegetation, weather and accessibility conditions in the county create the potential for catastrophic wildland fires.

The Stanislaus Complex fire of 1987 threatened all of the communities from Tuolumne City to Pinecrest.

There are many fire-prone areas in Tuolumne County which are at risk of wildfires because they have large accumulations of natural fuels.

We all enjoy living with the beauty of the wildland around Tuolumne County – but it is also prone to wildfire. In fact, it’s not a matter of if it will burn, but when that will happen!

The Highway 108 FireSafe Council wants to empower individuals and communities to make our homes and neighborhoods “FireSafe.”