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Section 1. NUMBER

The Corporation will not have fewer than three (3) nor more than fifteen (15) Directors, which shall include the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. The minimum and maximum numbers specified in this Section may be changed by amendment of this Section. The Board shall consider the experiences and background of potential candidates, and shall strive to provide representation from all stakeholder groups, as well as supply the Board with the skills needed to effectively carry out its objectives and purposes.

2016 Volunteer Officers and Members of the Board of Directors:

Glenn Gottschall, President

Vacant, Vice President

Karen Caldwell, Recording Secretary

Stephen Johnson, Treasurer

2016 Volunteer Board of Directors (3 to 15):

Sue Forbes

Bob Hackamack

Art Smith

John Swanson

Chris Trott

Scot Workman (Webmaster)

Fire Agency Liaison (2):

Jerry McGowan, Rancheria Fire

Vacant, USFS/STF

Fire Agency Advisors (7):

Laura Blake, Cal-Fire TCU*

Adam Frese, Cal-Fire TCU*

Jerry McGowan, Rancheria FD

Aimee New, Sonora City  Fire Department

Kevin Patton, Cal-Fire TCU*

Roger Peterson, Cal-Fire TCU*

Josh White, Cal-Fire TCU*

*TCU = Tuolumne/Calaveras Unit

Agency Liaisons (7):

Sherri Brennan, Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors

Vacant, USFS/STF

Julie Martin, BLM

Matt McNichol, NRCS

Michael Pickard, Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Kamran Rasheed, PG&E

Connie Williams, City of Sonora