Contractor Opportunity!

Independent Contractor Services – Highway 108 Fire Safe Council and the Yosemite Foothills Fire Council (Tuolumne County)

Toulumne County’s two Fire Safe Councils (FSCs)  are looking for an Independent Contractor to provide administrative leadership and management services to coordinate FSC programs, develop and implement fundraising and marketing strategies, assist and support project managers and interface with the Board of Directors. The contractor will provide services to the Highway 108 FSC and the Yosemite Foothills FSC, both located in Tuolumne County.

This is an independent contractor position for an individual working from his or her home and involves frequent meetings, including project site visits that may require light to moderate walking. 


The Highway 108 (North County) and Yosemite Foothills (South County) Fire Safe Councils are operated entirely by Volunteers and are 501 (C) 3 non-profit organizations incorporated in 2002/2003.  The Fire Safe Councils are composed of individuals, public and private businesses and governmental agencies that share a common interest in preventing and reducing personal and property loss from wildfires. Both Fire Safe Councils are members of the California Fire Safe Council.

The Mission of the Fire Safe Councils:

* To educate the public in order to significantly increase public awareness about fire risk and ways that property owners can reduce that risk.

* To develop creative ways to make compliance with fire safety regulations easier and more effective for property owners.

* To reduce this risk through fire prevention, fire safety, fuel reductions and community preparedness. This involves cooperation with other agencies and organizations to identify and provide for needed evacuation routes in affected areas.

* To build community support for gaining additional funding, programs and equipment in order to meet suppression and prevention needs in Tuolumne County.

Fire Safe Councils in Tuolumne County have received numerous Federal and State grants for Hazardous Fuel Reduction work to help protect homes and communities from wildfires and related Community Outreach and Education activities.  These programs and other council activities are also funded in part by grants and donations from organizations, companies and individuals.


The Contractor will be expected to possess or be able to acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience providing similar type of services to other organizations and/or businesses

  • Organizing own work, meeting critical deadlines, being punctual.

  • Effective verbal and written communications, experienced in public speaking

  • Project management: planning and organizing programs and projects

  • Public relations

  • Standard office applications, including e-mail and Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe

  • Experience working effectively with other individuals and organizations such as volunteer organizations, government agencies, private industry and the public.

  • Making public presentations at community meetings and other occasions

  • Knowledge and understanding of target audience in each, discrete community.

  • Federal and State grant management polices and procedures.

  • Ability to write grant applications and reports

Desirable Knowledge and Skills (or the ability and initiative to research and learn):

  • Principles of Defensible Space and the basics of Fire Safe landscaping and buildings

  • Ability to evaluate organizational, administrative and budgetary problems and finding workable solutions

  • Experience using grantor databases and software

  • Standard Web site administration and editing applications

  • Knowledge of Nonprofit organization incorporation, operation, policies and procedures

  • Experience as an Independent Contractor for similar organizations

  • Principles and effective practices for development and fundraising for similar non-profit organizations

  • Knowledge of the Tuolumne County Communities at Risk for wildfire, related community organizations and businesses

Typical Duties and Responsibilities


  • Attends bi-monthly FSC meetings, regional Fire Safe Council meetings, community meetings, events, seminars and other, as needed.

  • Assists the Board President in preparing for Board of Director meetings and membership meetings.

  • Provides facilitation/recording services for Executive Board and Full Board of Director’s Meetings

  • Develop and maintain current member mailing list and E-mail list.

  • Maintain and update (as necessary) Council Bylaws annually

  • Maintain and update Board Resolution annually

  • Maintain all project, membership, contractual, financial and correspondence records

  • Prepare annual accomplishment report

  • Administration of overall operation of the organization including:

    Reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities, ensuring that continuing contractual obligations are being fulfilled; developing organizational and administrative policies and program objectives for Board consideration

  • Serve as purchasing agent for Project Managers and Directors

  • Provide information, advice, and counsel to the Board of Directors in the creation of policies, programs, and strategic direction of the organization.

  • Maintenance and updating of information for the Tuolumne County Wildfire Protection Plan (TCWPP) with information provided by Project Managers 

Grant Management:

  • Prepare and submit quarterly reports as required by California Fire Safe Council. Prepare and submit any special request reporting as necessary.

  • Coordinate events and activities associated with grant program, as directed by the DFSC Board of Directors.

  • Maintain accurate records books as related to grant-funded activities and in adherence with

    federal and state grant management guidelines.

  • Provide assistance and coordination with Project Managers in developing Grant Applications.

  • Assists Project Managers with landowner approvals and monitoring reports.

  • Assists Project Managers in preparation of required grant project progress reports and periodic grant invoices for reimbursement

  • Develop and maintain photographic records of project accomplishments

  • Research and recommend to the Board new funding sources

  • Ensure project activities to be completed by the Contractor are reflected in Project Grant Proposals (managed by others).

  • Prepare and submit grant proposals for activities and projects that the Contractor will manage.

Communication, Education and Outreach:

  • Maintenance of website and serve as Web Master (or Maintain the FSC web page with the webmaster).

  • Administration of FSC email and Facebook account and any other relevant social media

  • Development and implementation of outreach and education activities to implement the Councils mission

  • Serve as Liaison and Advocate with other organizations, agencies, and the public

  • Communicate with other Fire Safe Councils.

  • Develop and implement, in coordination with the Board of Directors, a marketing and public relations plan including newsletters and social media.

  • Assist the board in preparing fliers, brochures, signs, posters, and other materials to educate the public about fire safety.

  • Conduct community awareness campaigns by speaking to community groups, preparing press releases, planning and conducting public events. 

Financial Management:

  • Provides assistance to the Chair, Treasurer and bookkeeper in managing the budget.

  • Preparation and proposal of annual budget for Council operations

  • Responsibility for monthly and yearly financial records of Contractor activities and services in coordination with the Treasurer and bookkeeper

  • Prepares and submits reimbursement invoices for Contractor accomplishments

  • Organization and assistance with fundraising activities 

Funding and Discrimination:

Some of the FSCs funding is provided by National Fire Plan grants from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region, through the California Fire Safe Council. Other council activities and programs are also funded by grants and donations from local agencies, companies, foundations, organizations and individual donors.

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, the FSCs are prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

Work Environment:

Generally, the work environment is home-based.  Regular travel for face-to-face meetings several times a month may be required. The President of the Highway 108 FSC will serve as the Contracting Officer for this Agreement/Contract.  Office space and related equipment is not provided.  No benefits are provided.


Compensation will be on a time basis per task at the agreed to hourly rate.

Deadline/Start Date:

Deadline for resume submittal is January 15, 2018. We hope to issue an Agreement/Contract in January 2018.

To Apply:

Submit your resume with a brief cover letter and at least two work-related references via email to Karen Caldwell at  Please write in the Subject Line “FSC Services Proposal.” To learn more about Tuolumne County’s Fire Safe Councils, please visit us at