Autumn Safety Tips

It is starting to feel like fall, so it’s time for some fall and winter home fire safety and fall weather driving tips.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Service your furnace before the cold weather sets in.
  • Have your chimney inspected before you use your fireplace.
  • Use a fireplace screen to keep sparks from flying out of the fireplace.  Don’t leave a burning fire unattended and make sure the fire is completely out before going to bed.
  • Never use your stove or oven to heat your home.
  • Read the instructions before using a space heater.  Always allow at least three feet of empty space around your space heater.
  • Never leave candles burning if you go out or go to sleep.  Keep candles away from  children and pets.  Do not burn candles if oxygen is used in your home.
  • Change smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm batteries.
  • Practice your family fire escape plan.

Fall Driving Safety Tips:

  • Falling leafs can leave roads slick, so slow down on slick or wet pavement.
  • Sunrise occurring later in the morning can make it difficult to see because of glare and bright sun.  Have a pair of sunglasses handy.
  • Children are back in school, so stay vigilant as a driver.
  • Practice safety as it gets dark earlier.
  • Make sure your tires have sufficient tread.
  • Be aware of deer and other animals on the road.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you are 3.5 times more likely to hit an animal—especially a deer—in November.

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