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The Tuolumne County Transportation Council prepared an Evacuation Needs Assessment and Communication Strategies Study. This is a planning level evaluation of roadway capacity constraints on communities in our region that are vulnerable to wildfires to support the identification of future improvements.

The Tuolumne County Firewise Community Map will help any County resident find out how to contact their local Firewise community (or start their own).

The Mother Lode Prescribed Burn Association helps landowners determine how to safely and legally conduct prescribed and pile burns.  They work collaboratively with CAL FIRE and our Local Air Quality Control Board.

Mother Lode Prescribe Burn Association Coordinator:
Claire Rappaport 
(209) 642-8304 ext 3

Living with wildfire: How to protect more homes as fire risk rises in a warming climate (Lake County News)

Tuolumne County Vegetation Ordinance Chapter 8.14 2023

Tuolumne County Wildland Fire Evacuations Pamphlet

Learn more about preparing your family and property for wildfire, visit

Building a Wildfire Resistant Home: Codes & Costs