Spring Forward Safety Tips

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 10.   Clocks are set forward one hour, except in Hawaii and most of Arizona.

With Daylight Saving Time, it’s a good time for two home safety checkups.

Check your smoke alarms.  According to the National Fire Protection Association,  three out of every five home fire deaths are in homes with no smoke alarms.  The National Safety Council reminds us to test home smoke alarms every month and change the batteries at least once a year.  If the alarm makes a “chirping” sound, replace it immediately.  Mount smoke alarms at least 10 feet from the stove to reduce false alarms, less than 12 inches from the ceiling, and away for windows, doors, and ducts.  Smoke alarms can also be interconnected wirelessly, meaning when one sounds, they all sound.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors.  According to the National Safety Council, anything that burns fuel can become a source of carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can kill.  Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in a central location outside of each bedroom and on every level of the house.  Like with smoke alarms, test the carbon monoxide detector monthly and change batteries at least yearly.  They also can be interconnected.  Also, make sure vents for gas appliances, such as fireplace, dryer, stove, and furnace, are clear of snow and debris.


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